Affiliate Program

Earn 20% recurring commission

You can make serious money by promoting Fan Harvest to your audience if you think Tweet Full can help them. You will get 20% recurring commission, that is if someone signs up for our $50/month plan you will be getting $60 a year from that one user.

Promoting Fan Harvest

You are free to promote Fan Harvest to your email lists of people who opted in, via links on your website, through your social platforms, sharing via online forums or advertising on websites. If you want to promote it differently please contact us first.

How to sign up

You can sign up from the link below. Once you submit the form, your application will be approved in the next 48 business hours.


How to create links

You will get links on your affiliate dashboard. Simply copy the links you want to promote. You will be able to track your clicks and conversions on your affiliate dashboard.

How and when do I get paid

Our payment processors allow various methods to get paid, including Paypal, Wire Transfer etc. You can configure it as per your preference from there.

Fan Harvest provides a complete tool box to build a targeted following on Instagram. These are the tools you need to build an automated customer acquisition system to reach your objectives on a consistent basis.

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